Tongue Tie Release

Some adults may have a restriction of their tongue which limits mobility – this can cause similar issues in adults that it can in children.

Some people with a tongue tie struggle with speech, eating, sleep apnea, neck/jaw pain, mouth breathing, inability to clean their teeth after eating, etc.

Increased tongue mobility after a release is related to a variety of benefits, and it is something that you and your provider can discuss to see if this procedure is right for you.

Dr. Geist uses a laser to release the tongue comfortably and safely with minimal healing time. She has studied techniques extensively and is the only ambassador of The Breathe Institute in the Capital Region.

We recommend that anyone considering a tongue release do myofunctional therapy before and after release for the best long-term results! (At this time we do not perform this procedure on infants and small children – we have resources if you need assistance). Contact us with any questions.