Dental Implants

Do you have broken teeth, missing teeth or loose dentures?  Eat, feel and live better with dental implants! 

Dr. Lysenko answers some of the most commonly asked questions about implants:

What is an Implant?

An implant is a man-made tooth root replacement made of titanium that fuses with the bone of the jaw. An abutment fits over the top of the implant and a crown is placed over the abutment which looks like your natural teeth. Implants can replace one or several missing teeth and can also be used to stabilize dentures. Implant retained teeth look natural, never decay, and allow you to chew, smile and laugh with confidence.

Are implants as strong as natural teeth?

Yes, in fact, dental implants are actually considered to be stronger than natural teeth and provide full functionality.

Are dental implants permanent?

With proper care and routine dental check-ups, your dental implants should last a lifetime.

Can implants help to stabilize my loose denture?

Yes, implants can be an excellent way to stabilize loose dentures and restore confidence, comfort and chewing ability.

Is implant placement uncomfortable?

With the minimally invasive implant techniques we use, more people report very little post-op discomfort which can be controlled with over-the-counter pain relievers.

How successful are dental implants?

Dental implants boast a 98% success rate, meaning that you can enjoy your new smile, without complication, for a lifetime.

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